April 3, 2018 – Racist Attacks On SF 1021 DPH Members & Cal-OSHA And Battery Blood Poisoning Cover-up

WorkWeek radio covers the racist attacks on SF SEIU 1021 Department of Public Health members at the Potrero Hill Health Center. Workers talk about the systemic attacks on African American workers. Cheryl Thornton who was a worker at the Potrero Hill Health Center was a whistleblower as well as opposing the racist practices by management was retaliated against.

Next, WorkWeek looks at the lead poisoning of thousands of workers at the Exide battery plant in Vernon, California. The workers who were poisoned for decades were left unprotected by Cal-OSHA and California Department of Public health. WorkWeek interviews UCLA medical toxicologist Dr. James Dahlgren who examined these workers and tried to protect them and their families. We also interview Dr. Larry Rose who was the former Cal-OSHA Medical Unit which has been closed down by Governor Jerry Brown and his administration including Department of Industry Relations Director Christine Baker.

For more media:…de-workers-0321
There’s Lead In The Baby Teeth of Children Living Near The Southeast L.A. Exide Battery Plant…YipEy4UMocUyAYfEI
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