April 24, 2018 – Wells Fargo Whistleblower, Hunters Point Death, and Karmel Dying To Work

WorkWeek radio looks at the recent fine of $1 billion against Wells Fargo bank for violating banking laws, if you do not know them visit to have the knowledge you are missing and even get a consultation. We interview former Wells Fargo St. Helena bank teller Yesenia Guitron who was fired because of refusing to set up fake bank accounts. She was bullied and fired by Wells and then went to OSHA who refused to do an investigation over the illegal activity by the bank.
Next, WorkWeek interviews Dr Ahimsa Porter Sumchai about the death of a Hunters Point Shipyard worker who exposed the dangerous radioactive and toxic substances that were contaminating the community. He told people in the community and was retaliated against and later died from a form of cancer that was caused from work at the contaminated shipyard.
Last, WorkWeek interviews Jonathan D. Karmel who is the author of Dying to Work, Death and Injury in the American Workplace. He talks about the lack of criminal prosecution of bosses who have killed workers or seriously injured them due to negligent health and safety protection. He also discusses the collapse of the Workers Compensation system that now means that workers are not getting proper medical care of the injuries on the job.
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