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Frameline LGBT Film Festival

Today  we look at some of the highlights of the LGBTIQ Frameline Film Festival which starts this September 17th and runs through September 27th online.  We talk to Dominque Oneil about some of the really special female centered fiction films. And then we talk to three documentarians who have feature films in Frameline, Ashley O’shay, who is director of the really timely and important new documentary  “Unapologetic” which is  a powerful and inspiring  documentary that follows two Black, queer feminist Chicago women organizers working
with the movement against police violence.  


And Jen Rainin and Rivkah Beth Medow who are the co-directors of  the new documentary “Ahead of the Curve” which is a film that looks at the history of the Lesbian glossy magazine Curve,  its founder Franco Stevens and the importance of Curve magazine to the Lesbian community.


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