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Waging Change film and Women of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Today we talk to 3 feminist located in the Bay Area doing some exciting work.  First we talk to Allie Lahey and Raha Mirabdal about the Democratic Socialist of America and the Work they are doing with DSA. DSA has been one of the fastest growing leftist groups in the U.S. with membership now over 85 thousand and with members being elected to public office all across the country.  They are also doing exciting work locally on getting Universal Health Care in California. 
Allie Lahey is Co-Chair of East Bay DSA and Chair of the Socialist Feminist Working Group. She works in reproductive rights and is transitioning into nursing. 
Raha Mirabdal (She/Her) is a Registered Nurse from the Bay Area.  She is a DSA member and organizer in the DSA’s Medicare for All Committee.
 And then we talk to film director Abby Ginzberg – a true Bay Area hero, whose films highlight struggles of race, gender  and social justice. Her new film “Waging Change” which has aired on  PBS and is available on Kanopy online. It features Saru Jayaraman, Lily Tomlin, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Jane Fonda, who have been working tirelessly for One Fair Wage, a campaign to end the sub-minimum wage
for tip workers who in a majority of states earn  just $2.13 per hour. 
Abby Ginzberg is A Peabody award winner, and her recent work inc
ludes “And Then They Came for Us”, about the connection between the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WW II and the current Muslim travel ban; and “Agents of Change”, which examines the untold story of racial conditions on
college campuses that led to a successful struggle for black studies
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