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Womens Magazine – June 8, 2020 – Racism and Black Women Athletes; The Rise in Domestic Violence amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

This Monday from 1-2pm on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine at 94.1FM and streaming and archived online at kpfa.org:
As we demonstrate against the wide spread racism in this country we can not forget about the racism in sports where Black women athletes often experience the worst of misogyny mixed with racism. In our first segment, Kate Raphael talks with Dr. Joan Steidinger, author of , about struggles for equality of women and equality among women in sports.

And next we look at the up to 20% rise in domestic violence during the Covid Pandemic. While the situation is horrific for all domestic violence survivors, accessing help can be particularly challenging for immigrants, including the large South Asian population in the south bay, specifically in Silicon Valley, where many women, many whom are privileged and economically independent, have no support system, are far from their families, and are not accustomed to calling the police to complain of their husbands, or accessing legal systems. Preeti Mangala Shekar talks to two women from local domestic violence groups that serve the south asian community; Zakia Afrin who manages the Helpline, Peer Counseling, Immigration Assistance and Legal Advocacy programs at Maitri in San Jose. and Bindu OOmmen Fernandes from Narika which also continues. to offer counseling, safety planning legal and shelter referrals and support groups via phone during the crisis.


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