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Role of Trauma and need for healing in Israel w two spiritually informed Jewish Israeli activists, and scholars, Meital Yaniv and Hadar Cohen

Today   on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine Lisa Dettmer and Kate Raphael talk to two Israeli spiritually informed Jewish activists and scholars about  what  the role  and effects are  of trauma are in living and growing up in the apartheid state of  Israel  on both their own lives, and the lives of others in Israel/Palestine and how that trauma and the exploitation of that trauma has supported the militaristic and colonialist Zionist state of Israel.  And we discuss  how racism and white supremacy are intrinsically part  of the  colonialist  Zionist project in Israel  from its founding and how healing from trauma is one of the important steps to peace.
We talk to Meital Yaniv  who was born in Israel, and is learning how to be in a human form. they do things with words, with moving and still images, with threads, with bodies in front of bodies, with the Earth. they are a death laborer tending to a prayer for the liberation of the land of Palestine and the lands of our bodies. they keep Fires and submerge themselves in Ocean and Sea Water often. yaniv is learning to listen to the Waters, birdsongs, caretakers, and ancestors as they walk as a guest on the home and gathering place of the Cahuilla-ʔívil̃uwenetem Meytémak, Tongva-Kizh Nation, Luiseño-Payómkawichum, and Serrano-Yuhaaviatam/Maarenga’yam.yaniv is the author of bloodlines. They make offerings through true name collective.

And we talk to Hadar Cohen who  is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She is the founder of Malchut, a spiritual skill building school teaching Jewish mysticism and direct experience of God. She cultivated her own curriculum on the cosmology of creation and teaches it through her training God Fellowship. Malchut is also home for her Jewish Mystical School that includes a library of her classes and a community platform for connection. She is a 10th-generation Jerusalemite with lineage roots also in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran. Hadar consults and teaches on Judaism, multi-faith solidarity, spiritual and political activism and more.
Her podcast, Hadar’s Web, features community conversations on spirituality, healing, justice, and art. Hadar coaches and mentors people 1:1 as well as leads and facilitates groups and community gatherings. Hadar weaves the spiritual with the political through performance art, writing, music and ritual.  Hadar can be heard at her substack where she share writings, events and talks for people who want to stay connected https://hadarcohen.substack.com




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