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Queer Women and Lesbians on the Land

Today we focus on young queer and lesbian women who are creating  alternative communities on both rural and urban land.   First we talk to Claire Ryan about her experience living on Outland, which is 1,000 acres of  women’s land in New Mexico  founded over 30 years ago by Jae Haggard, editor of Maize, the lesbian country magazine and communication hub for women living or interested in living on Land, and her partner at the time, Lee. 








Then we talk to Linda Chastine and Rosie Dino who are core members of the collaborative Queer the Land which is focused on creating








land for queer trans and two spirit black indigenous and people of color in Seattle where they have recently acquired a 12 bedroom house to create a safe space for those in their community who  are displaced from gentrification.  


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