Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – August 5, 2015

The richly diverse and fascinating world of culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe.

  • dahszil

    This first guy interviewed was very informative he was lucid, organized and spoke at a human pace. but this second guy talking about the jews and others against Israel treatment of Palestine was like an lp record on 45 rpm. i couldn’t really take much in, he seemed so parenthetical, digressing it was just a jumble. i’d get someone next time who hasn’t drank 5 cups of coffee prior to the interview. i mean i did not even quite figure out what was what from this guy. keep up the great work Vomena

  • Jane Jewell

    Thought both speakers were excellent. Learned a lot about the Kurds from the first speaker, (who have suffered so much thanks to the British last century, dividing them up so they ended up in four different countries). Was also very interested in what the second speaker has to say about Zionist control in this country. Suggest the previous reviewer reads the book, Against Our Better Judgment, by Alison Weir, to find out more. It is a best seller on amazon book list for middle East history. Well worth reading.

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