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Uprising – July 15, 2015

On this episode of Uprising with Sonali: Courtney Morris analyses breaking news of the day. Plus, Caroline Fredrickson, President of the American Constitution Society, details the myriad ways in which women are being hurt by the US economy. Her book is called Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over. And, actor and activist Mimi Kennedy joins us in studio to discuss the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

2 responses to “Uprising – July 15, 2015

  1. Mimi kennedy is also patronizing to Greens and campaigning. She couldn’t handle Sonali’s questions. Sonali is the first person to scratch he surface but I wanted more. Her idea that one shouldnt join a third party is old and tired and NOT true–its the nly wway forward. Thats how change happens. I didn’t hear a single intelligent rely–and I can’t figure out why she is on the show. I don’t give a hoot if she is a celebrity–if she cant think deeply or differently and be honest–she is not progressive. More of the same.

    Guns–at fist, the city/rural idea sounds good–simple–i didnt think of it, but then a moment of the thought reveals classic segregation–“urban” people are mostly of color–rural people are mostly white, and a lot are racist–I know I was one of them (rural/suburban), and wealthy middle class insulated white people. So again its a class thing. It ant work. It shouldn’t work. Hunting rifles–not pistols—is something completely ad utterly different. Its not event the issue. To make an issue is disingenuous. high powered rifles and automatic weapons and handguns are an issue. you dont hunt with these. and a true hunter hunts with a bow–stalking his prey. A better hunter uses Pentak or Nikon. BS has cleverly turned this into a racial thing–suggesting gun crime is black on black or Hispanic and black and we in the white community need not be too concerned with that whole affair. I am telling you something is off with this guy. I feel it in my bones. Mimi-s BS absurd comment about Greens taking away votes from DIm-thugs is ridiculous. I am not going to vote for Dim-thugs. I vote Green because I am Green and I care and I have convictions and I am tenacious. I dont surrender. It is the right thing to do. Voting DIm-thug is a wasted vote and WE ALL KNOW It. Of course she would say, Americans are more informed. You cant teel people you want to vote for you they are dim. Becausse then they must be dim to vote for you. But to be honest I havn’t talked to anyone that is not just real comfortable staring at a smart phone, and tremendously uniformed on every issue–a few steps forward, eigh steps sleepwalking back again. To believe BS is a potential candidate or even a good for example is the blind leading the blind. # blind mice, 3 blind mice…tails cut off with a butchers knife.

    I am not fooled by BS. And there is something about him that is off. Sonali was right to ask about the people of color around the country who haven’t heard of him or dont respond to him–there is something off about him.

    Israel. more of the same. he is clearly beholden to a certain lobbying group–if not with money, with political restraints.

    There is NOTHING about BS that is radically progressive–nothing. And i all I hear are more talking points. He has got our temperature–for sure.

    I clearly stand alone on this issue in the whole of America. but I am right. And I will stand.
    i drink the water the earth gives me. i eat the food she gives me–i am the earth. I will vote for her, mother, my home, my world, my breath. Seven Generations! Not to be Green is abominable. Everything else is politics as usual. Put your vote where your mouth is.

    Instead of campaigning in a corporate empire we should be calling for a green constitutional convention–earth first rights! participatory democracy. ban corporations and all money in politics

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