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Uprising – January 28, 2016

A daily digest of independent news analysis, investigation, education, artistic expression, and activism in the public interest, emphasizing the connection between global issues and those in local communities. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

  • Democrocernus

    in reference to the murderous LA police officers shooting up innocent people –they have clearly shown they have NO concern for the people–they are murderous–and are not qualified to be police. they are willing to murder –shoot up entire neighborhoods carelessly just to viciously murder a man they believe made a stupid anti-police comment online. we are in a police estate. it must be overthrown. f–the pigs!

    police do not need guns. and their guns should be taken away–De-escalate–that is how you solve the American violence problem. you don’t resolve violence or criminality with violence and criminality.

  • Democrocernus

    Bubdy’s announcement sounds like a warning. he has been warned and was asked to warn them. the feds are on the way to kick ass!

  • Democrocernus

    I would say to you that we said all these things about Obama too. You guys are a broken record. For democracy’s sake! For earth’s sake–if you want change–you dont support democratic candidtes. you support real change–greens!

    You cannot change the Democratic party. It si a corporation deep in the deep state. bernie has been approved. a band-aid. to save crony capitalism.

    I am starting to think Pacifica is a sheepherder.–a snowpiercer! Driving us back to the democratic party.

    if i donate a lot of money at pacifica can i get you to interview greens and balance this conversation–are you dedicated tot truth or Palin’s hopey-changy-stuff.

    let people decide for themselves. hell, Up Front had a China shill on the other day telling us democracy is a hoax and China’s totalitarianism is ideal. argument full of holes. the least you can do is interview jill stein. and talk about her platform. weigh against bernie’s platform if you must. do something! we need bold moral imagination–not more bias and hopey change. obama wasnt real. is bernie?

  • Democrocernus

    NO–it is not sexist. Hillary is untrustworthy. your guest is a joke. think! Jill Stein is likable, intelligent, articulate, meaningful, a leader on all levels–so if i support her 100% and would fight in a green army for her–how am i sexist because i do not support Clinton.? she is not a good person. she is not the right person. period. she never was. she is a hawk! Warren is woman–i would support her before i supported Bernie. is that sexist? i am a man. i loved Obama. not because he was black. i am white. but he was a band aid. the band aid is falling off. it saved the system. he didn’t change it.

    Palin is a woman–i hate her. so..i guess i am sexist. isn’t it sexist to say one is sexist because they don’t like a person who happens to be a woman?

    I wont read this guy’s books. He doesn’t think well.

    I love Sonali. i would vote for her.

  • Democrocernus

    do you like Pepsi or coke? Bernie is root beer. rootbeer owned by pepsi. Jill stein is delicious veggie fruit smoothie.

  • Democrocernus

    the governments purpose/job is to maintain and build infrastructure. not facilitate corporation, banks, finance, dirty coal and oil, gas, and big business. if industrialists are patriots–if they care about America they will clean it up, they will prevent pollution, create jobs, and green energy and do it at home–if they are concerned about power, let alone people. but they dont.. they are selfish greedy bad people in control–vampire pigs!

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