Rising Up With Sonali

Uprising – August 6, 2015

On this episode of Uprising with Sonali: Cristina Mislan analyses breaking news of the day. Plus, as violence flares up in the West Bank, we’ll hear from Eve Spangler, author of Understanding Israel/Palestine: Race, Nation, and Human Rights in the Conflict. And, on the 70th anniversary of the US’s atomic bombing of Hiroshima in Japan, we’ll turn to Dr. Jimmy Hara of Physicians for Social Responsibility. He’s one of the leading anti-nuclear activists in the US.
  • Aaron Aarons

    Why is anybody on KPFA referring to the anti-abortion movement as “pro-life”, as Sonali and her guest have been dong consistently here? It’s even worse than the frequent reference to imperialist military spending as “defense spending”!

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