Exclusive Interview: Jesse Moss, director of “The Family,” on the power of American Christianity and the religious right; Plus: how climate change and disaster capitalism worsen Hurricane Dorian


0:08 – We take a deeper look into the extent of Hurricane Dorian, how storms are increasing in intensity as the result of climate change, and how neo-liberal institutions like the IMF and World Bank prey on “disaster capitalism”  in the Caribbean. Basav Sen (@BasavIPS) is the Climate Justice Project Director with the Institute for Policy Studies.

0:34 – National Union of Healthcare Workers is fighting against Kaiser for adequate mental healthcare and resources to provide adequate and timely treatment for their patients. Shay Loftus is a psychologist in the Kaiser Fairfield Adult Psychiatry Unit and a member of the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

0:45 – Kendra Barnes is a Producer, Choreographer, Instructor in the Department of Physical Education at UC Berkeley. She is director of K*STAR*PRODUCTIONS founded in 1996, which organizes the Black Choreographers Festival.

Event Info: Black Choreographers Festival: Here and Now
Saturday and Sunday Sep 7 and 8
Malonga Casqulourd Center of the Arts
1428 Alice Street, Oakland
More information & tickets: bcfhereandnow.com

1:08 – Jesse Moss (@djessemoss) is an American documentary filmmaker. His new docuseries, “The Family,” follows a Christian organization at the center of American politics called the Fellowship Foundation, also known as “The Family.” The series explores the power that The Family holds over the religious right in America, and worldwide, highlighting a secret fundamentalism that has managed to stay relatively under the radar since before the Reagan administration.


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