Hookworm in Alabama, Ongoing Crisis in Burma, Plus: Data Collection on Immigrants

Salima Hamirani hosts friday’s show, discussing the emergence of Hookworm infecting residents of Lowndes County, Alabama. With 1 in 3 residents testing positive for infection, the devastating lack of sanitation and infrastructure is to blame. Salima speaks with Rohelo Mejia, Founder of the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise and author of the study from the National School of Tropical Medicine focused on Hookworm in Lowndes.
Next, Salima interviews Adam Schwartz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the collection of the social media data of immigrants in the US. Social media posts could be used as determinants for visa approval, and other government agencies could have access to the information indefinitely.

and finally, we follow up on the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis. Over 400,000 Rohingya have fled Burma, because of a government crackdown on their villages that some observers are now calling an ethnic cleansing. We talk to activists, refugees in Bangladesh and filmmaker Jeanna Hallacy about the Rohingya, the role of the Burmese military, and what can be done to stop the crisis.

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