Untold History of the United States Plus: Capitalism Audio

As part of KPFA’s ongoing Fund Drive, today’s show includes audio from the serial documentary The Untold History of the United States, narrated by Oliver Stone. The documentary explores the less discussed elements of prominent historical occurrences, and the seditious role the U.S. played in instances such as the Cold War and the Russian Revolution.

The second hour of this mornings broadcast explores the ideas of Adam Smith through the documentary film Capitalism. A 6 part exploration from Icarus Films, the first chapter of the movie unpacks Adam Smith’s ideas about the free market, the invisible hand, and explores the underpinnings of Capitalism as a system.

This episode is part of KPFA’s fund drive! KPFA is community supported public radio, which means listener support is crucial to remaining independent, critical, and honest as a station. Call in (1800) 439-5732 during our broadcast of UpFront or click here to pledge your support during Fund Drive!

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