Residents rush to aid disaster relief efforts in Mexico; Plus, a historical look at earthquakes in the Bay Area

In the aftermath of the earthquakes that struck Mexico last week, residents are self-organizing disaster response efforts, and aiming increasing skepticism at their government. We talk to people in Oaxaca and Mexico City. Then: a historical dive on earthquakes in the Bay Area — and how they changed the world’s understanding of plate tectonics.

Update: Our first guest recommended this site to find places you can donate to earthquake relief efforts in Mexico: http://comoayudar.mx/world.html#cards


  • Abraham Berumen, an architect who has been volunteering to assess building safety in Mexico City
  • Laura Carlsen, Director of the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy
  • Shannon Young, independent journalist based in Oaxaca City
  • John Dvorak, geophysicist and author of Earthquake Storms: the fascinating history and volatile future of the san andreas fault
  • Dr. Jennifer Strauss, External Relations Officer at UC Berkeley’s Seismological Lab, Regional Coordinator for ShakeAlert Northern California


Image: by AntoFran via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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