Two years since Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico embattled in recovery, fight for sovereignty; Plus: Alameda County Sheriffs’ Dept is being sued for secretly eavesdropping on teens and their attorneys

0:08 – Monday’s with Mitch: Oakland Promise, the Mayor’s signature project to raise money to support low-income families and students graduate college, is in the spotlight for its secret finances – more than $1 million dollars raised and no checks cut. Where is the money going? Why won’t the Mayor’s office provide answers to the reporters with the Oakland Post? Why would Mayor Schaaf call Council President Rebecca Kaplan’s call for an audit “petty?” So many questions.

Plus: More evidence supports the allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, and that he lied during his confirmation hearing. Mitch explains when and how a Supreme Court Justice can be impeached.

0:34 – The rise of white nationalism isn’t about a country or state, it’s about white power. And it’s historical roots run deep. We speak with Kathleen Belew (@kathleen_belew), a professor of history at the University of Chicago. Author of Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement & Paramilitary America.

1:08 – Two years since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico us undergoing recovery still, and a political transformation. We speak with Ed Morales (@SpanglishKid), a journalist, author and lecturer at Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race; he co-directed the documentary, Whose Barrio?, and his new book, Fantasy Island: Colonialism, Exploitation and the Betrayal of Puerto Rico.

1:34 – Santa Rita Stories: There is a lawsuit against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department for secretly and illegally listening in on youth defendants and their attorneys. We’re joined by Nicole Lee, Founding Executive Director, and EJ Pavia, a lead organizer with Urban Peace Movement, dedicated to “builds youth leadership in Oakland to transform the culture and social conditions that lead to community violence & mass incarceration in communities of color,” and part of the lawsuit and campaign for justice.

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