What’s Next in California After Recall?; Special Report on Rise of Opioid Overdoses in Alameda County; Deadly FBI Shooting in East Oakland

A person pulls a blue hand cart piled high with narcan and harm reduction supplies
A person pulls a blue hand cart piled high with Narcan and harm reduction supplies. | Photo by Ariel Boone.

On today’s show:

0:08 – The recall election is over, what comes next in state politics? We discuss with Ben Christopher (@FromBenC), who covers state politics for CalMatters, and Flojaune Cofer (@Flojaune) an epidemiologist and senior policy director for Public Health Advocates.

0:34 – A special report on opioid overdoses during the pandemic in houseless communities in Alameda County from KPFA reporter Ariel Boone (@arielboone).

1:08 – A father of three was killed by an FBI agent in Oakland yesterday. We discuss with James Burch, Policy Director of the Anti-Police Terror Project, and President of the National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter.

1:34 – Pamela Price (@ppricecares), civil rights attorney and a one time candidate for District Attorney in Alameda County joins us to discuss her allegation of campaign malfeasance  against members of the incumbent DA’s office.


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