Special Report on death at Santa Rita; Inside the Iran Deal

The mario martinezstory of Mario Martinez, who died from something his family says could have been stopped by a simple medical procedure; a procedure they say even multiple court orders couldn’t get him–because he was in jail. We look into a for-profit healthcare company that was supposed to care for him, the public officials it contributes money to, and the patients who can’t go anywhere else for care. But first: Investigative journalist Gareth Porter with the inside story of the Iran nuclear negotiations that are facing their final test in Congress right now.


  • Gareth Porter, investigative journalist and author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, as well as an article just out in The Nation giving a behind-the scenes account of how US-Iran nuclear talks unfolded, based on interviews with Iranian sources close to the talks.
  • Tanti Martinez, whose son, Mario, died in Santa Rita Jail.
  • Greg Ahern, Sheriff of Alameda County
  • Dennis Dugan, organizer with National Union of Healthcare Workers, which represents most of the medical staff employed employed by Corizon at Santa Rita jail.
  • Pastor Michael McBride, national director for the Lifelines to Healing Campaign at People Improving Communities through Organizing, or PICO.



Hosted and reported by Brian Edwards-Tiekert; produced by Linda Khoury, with help from Sophie Becker.


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