Antonia Juhasz on Oil and the Arctic; Christian Parenti on Prisons as Class War

Presidantonia juhaszent Obama’s in the Arctic to highlight climate change – we’ll discuss his administration’s policies on oil drilling with Antonia Juhasz, plus what the glut in oil supplies means fo extreme forms of extraction. Plus: Why do we imprison more people than any other country? Christian Parenti delivers a political economy of the rise of mass incarceration in America.


  • Antonia Juhasz, independent journalist who’s written several books about the politics of oil, and is recently back from a trip to Wainwright, AK — the community closest to where Shell Oil is drilling.


  • Christian Parenti ischristian parenti an investigative journalist, and an academic who teaches in the Global Liberal Studies program at New York University. His book on mass incarceration is called Lockdown America; his most recent, on climate change and conflict, is Tropic of Chaos.


Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert, produced by Linda Khoury, engineered by Kirstin Thomas.

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