Dalit Women’s Self Respect Movement, Neighbors 4 Racial Justice

Image via @dalitdiva
Image via @dalitdiva

On the heels of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to San Jose, a group of women from the Dalit Women’s Self Respect Movement are in the Bay Area to call for an end to violence against Dalit women and the culture of impunity that Modi continues to perpetuate.  For the past three years, they have been traveling from district to district throughout India, meeting with with survivors of caste-based sexual violence and demanding accountability from police and district officials.

Neighbors for Racial Justice

The Next Door website and app are coming under fire once for promoting racial profiling in rapidly gentrifying Oakland neighborhoods.  We’ll talk with Neighbors for Racial Justice.  They are one group of neighbors that’s been intervening to address racial profiling in their neighborhoods both online and in person.

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