Las Vegas Update, Domestic Violence, and Politics & Sports

Hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks talk to California State Assembly Member Phil Ting about the latest deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. They explain what can be done to reduce gun violence and violent crime.

Cat Brooks and Donald Lacy discuss Lacy’s latest film Hidden Treasure, a short film about domestic and physical violence. They also discuss Lacy’s organization, LoveLife Foundation.

Family Violence Law Center’s Marissa Seko joins Cat and Brian to explain what exactly domestic violence entails. If you are someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please do not hesitate to contact Family Violence Law Center at 1-800-947-8301 or www.fvlc.org.

Former professional athlete and current Pacific University of Oregon professor Jules Boykoff talks to Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks about NFL players’ political protests. They discuss the tactic of taking the knee and how athlete activists historically have been discouraged from using their platform to voice their political opinions.


  • Phil Ting is a California State Assembly Member representing western San Francisco and Daly City
  • Donald Lacy is a filmmaker and the founder of LoveLife Foundation, an organization that aims to support and empower at-risk youth.
  • Jules Boykoff is a former professional soccer player, current professor of politics and government at Pacific University of Oregon, and author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics
  • Marissa Seko is the Family Violence Intervention Unit Coordinator at the Family Violence Law Center
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