What can Las Vegas teach us about gun control? Plus: debt and disaster in Puerto Rico, DACA renewals

Up first on UpFront, California State Senator Nancy Skinner talks to hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks about gun control in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. She also talks about what California lawmakers can do to strengthen the state’s gun laws.

Next, author and scholar Dr. Jorge Duany joins the show to explain how the debt crisis in Puerto Rico exacerbated the effects of Hurricane Maria.

Then, Efrain Elias tells listeners about the Day of Action organized by VAMOS4PR. Protesters in 12 cities across the country called for the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s public debt.

After that, Brian and Cat resume the discussion on gun control with attorney Michael McLively. The three break down what went wrong in Las Vegas and what can be done to prevent future shootings.

Finally, professor and lawyer Bill Hing explains the current status of DACA and who exactly is eligible for renewal. He, Brian and Cat also discuss the recent ICE raids in sanctuary cities and what sort of message the White House is sending.


  • Nancy Skinner is California State Senator representing the 9th district, which includes Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro.
  • Dr. Jorge Duany is the Director of the Cuban Research Institute, professor of anthropology at Florida International University, and the author of Puerto Rico: What Everyone Needs to Know, as well as several other books on the island
  • Efrain Elias is an activist for VAMOS4PR, the group that organized the Day of Action to demand the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s public debt
  • Michael McLively is the senior staff attorney and Urban Gun Violence Initiative Director at the San Francisco-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Bill Hing is a professor of law at the University of San Francisco, the director the of Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic and the founder of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center
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