‘The Board decided to silence the community by force’, 6 arrested at OUSD meeting protesting school closures; Plus: Kincade Fire updates, and smoke impacts for houseless communities

0:08 – Impeachment Watch Live from Capitol Hill with Mitch Jeserich

Mitch Jeserich (@MitchJeserich) is host of Letters and Politics, at 10am on KPFA and affiliated Pacifica stations. He joins us from Washington where he’s covering the impeachment inquiry from Capitol Hill. Plus, we hear from East Bay Rep Eric Swalwell on what happens next, after House Committees wrap up impeachment depositions.

0:34 – Oakland parents, teachers and community members attended last week’s OUSD school board meeting (Weds Oct 23, 2019) and demonstrated to resist another wave of school closures, and were met by police violence. Oakland School Police arrest 6 parents, and injured several more. Community is outraged, and demanding accountability.

Keith Brown is the President of the Oakland Education Association (@OaklandEA)

Saru Jayaraman is an Oakland Unified School District parent, and was injured by OUSD police last week. 

1:08 – What Fire Weather Is

Brian Garcia is a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area.

1:20 – Hard to Breathe: Houseless and Exposed to Wildfire Pollution

Today’s fires come almost exactly one year after the deadliest in California’s history — the Butte County Camp Fire. You probably don’t live in one of the areas that burned. But you almost certainly live in one of the places that was choked with toxic smoke from the fire for nearly two weeks. Usually the first advice public officials give in those circumstances is to stay inside. But there are tens of thousands of people here who don’t have an inside to stay in. KPFA’s Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) reports on what it’s like making it through a major fire – outside. She reports from the Here There camp in Berkeley. Listen or read to the story here. 

For more information on current emergencies: sign up for Alameda County’s AC Alert system at www.acalert.org. You can get more information on San Francisco by texting your ZIP code to 888777 or visiting www.sf72.org.

Alameda County residents can still go to local cooling centers for respite while officials are in the process of determining which locations may be considered clean air sites under EPA guidelines.

Go to Mask Oakland’s Twitter account for the most up-to-date about the organization’s N95 mask distribution.

1:34 – Dr Coco Auerswalk on hazards of being unhoused during wildfires

We wanted to bring you more from one of the people in that story you heard just before the news break, about what happens to homeless folks when the air fills up with smoke and public officials say to stay inside. Coco Auerswald, is a doctor, and a professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health–who’s spent two decades studying the health of people experiencing houselessness. Here’s her conversation with Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang).


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