Israeli Refusenik Ronnie Barkan PLUS: Mission Moratorium Debate

ronnie barkanIsraeli refusenik Ronnie Barkan joins us to discuss the situation in Israel/Palestine, where Israeli forces have just set up roadblocks and checkpoints across East Jerusalem in response, they say, to Palestinian assaults on Israelis. We give you the background behind the conflict, and take the pulse of the state of dissent inside Israeli society. Then: A debate on whether San Francisco’s Mission district should hit the “pause” button on new development . . . until the city comes up with a plan for building in a way that delivers housing average San Francsicans can actually afford.


  • Ronnie Barkan, an Israeli conscientious objector, and co-founder of Boycott from Within
  • Maria Zamudio, San Francisco Housing Rights Campaign Organizer for Causa Justa :: Just Cause.
  • Sonja Trauss, founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation

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