Debate: Should San Francisco regulate AirBNB at the ballot box?

for rentCities around the country are starting to grapple with the fact that new platforms are making it much easier to rent out homes by the night–which can leave tourists competing for housing with long-term renters. A group of San Francisco housing advocates have decided to try to fix it through the ballot box – we’ll have both sides in-studio to debate Proposition F. Plus, a look


  • Calvin Welch, President of the Board of the San Francisco Information Clearinghouse and co-founder of the Council of Community Housing Organizations – San Francisco
  • Christopher Nulty, spokesman for AirBNB, the largest short-term rental company operating in San Francisco
  • Serge Bakalian*, Executive Director of the Arab Film Festival*Serge Bakalian was interviewed by Linda Khoury and Soureya Al-Aloui, who are co-producing the new KPFA Podcast, Arabiyaat.



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