Midterm Election Debate: CA Prop 10 and Expanding Local Authority on Rent Control; Plus: Rebecca Traister on the Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger

0:08 – Tipping Point: We bring you the highlights of the race to the 2018 midterms. In this series, we sort out the facts from the fireworks, try to ask big questions, and profile key players – all in 3 minutes of election news.

0:11 – Hurricane Michael is designated as a Category 4 hurricane, now headed straight for Florida’s Panhandle. We speak with Mitch Perry (@MitchEPerry), a Tallahassee-based reporter with the Florida Phoenix (@FLPhoenixNews), an online nonprofit news site covering state politics, to discuss the evacuation, and how the hurricane will impact Florida politics. 

0:24 – KPFA News: On to races to watch. We’ll go now to the congressional district of our sister station KFCF in Fresno, California’s 22nd–probably the most heavily-Republican district that has a chance of flipping on November 6. The incumbent is Republican Devin Nunes, ardent Trump supporter, and chair of the House Intelligence Committee. The challenger: deputy district attorney Andrew Janz. Vic Bedoian (@VicBedoian ) has this report.

0:34 – Special Election Coverage: CA Prop 10 debate

This November, California voters will decide whether to pass Prop 10 and repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, which would lift the ban on rent control for single family homes across the state, and enable local jurisdictions to decide whether to implement rent control measures. We host a debate between the campaigns. Shanti Singh is Development and Communications Coordinator for the statewide tenants’ rights organization Tenants Together (@TenantsTogether), arguing for stronger renters protections. Michael Bustamante is a partner at the public relations firm California Strategies, currently serving as spokesman for the No on Prop 10 campaign (@VoteNoProp10), urging no on permitting new rent control measures. 

See ballot information for Prop 10 here. 

1:08 – KPFA’s Jeannine Etter sits down with Rebecca Traister (@rtraister), writer at large for New York magazine and a contributing editor at Elle, for the hour. They discuss her latest book is GOOD AND MAD: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. She appears tonight at 7pm the Berkeley City Club in conversation with Lauren Schiller of Inflection Point, a podcast and public radio show about “how women rise up.” More info here. 




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