Antonia Juhasz on Keystone XL; Meera Subramanian on India’s Environment

Tar SandsPresident Obama has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline that would have moved oil from Canada’s heavily-polluting tar sands to refinery complex on the US gulf coast. Is it just a symbolic victory, or will it actually impact oil extraction? We’ll talk to analyst Antonia Juhasz. Then: a look at how an asian mega-state is managing (and not managing) its environmental crises — we’ll talk to Meera Subramanian.


  • Antonia Juhasz, oil industry analyst and independent journalist who’s written several books about the politics of oil, most recently Black Tide.
  • Meera Subramanian, award-winning journalist, an editor at Killing The Buddha, and now author of A River Runs Again.

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