Oakland Oak Knoll Development, Cobalt Blacksite Torture Settlement

The Oak Knolls Development Project was approved by the City Council earlier this week.  The 180 acre project will include a commercial zone, and hundreds of luxury single living units with no units of much needed affordable housing. The Oak Knolls project will be developed by SunCal, a development company previously owned by :Lehman Brothers. Friday host Salima Hamirani speaks with the East Oakland Collective, a membership cohort of millennials-plus invested in the state of deep East Oakland.  Made up of community members comprised of natives, homeowners, residents of East Oakland/greater Oakland and allies, the East Oakland Collective hopes to serve East Oakland and further racial and economic equity. Afterwards, Salima interviews Larry Siems, director of Freedom to Write Programs for the writers advocacy organization PEN, and author of two books about torture as used by the US. Siems details the specifics of Blacksites, and the recent lawsuit against psychologists Mitchell and Jessen who engineered and deployed enhanced interrogation techniques. After the death of Gul Rhaman, the case was brought against the two psychologists for their use of torture.

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