Hamid Hayat’s Appeal; Why the Tenderloin Resists Gentrification

Attorneys work to appeal of one of the only successful prosecutions of the war on terror — a cherry-picker, from Lodi, named Hamid Hayat. We’ll take a look at his case. Plus: a history of one of the nation’s most striking holdouts against gentrification — the Tenderloin. We’ll go through 100 years of fights over prostitution, gambling, homosexuality, pornography, and tenants’ rights.


  • Layli Shirani, criminal defense attorney based in San Francisco, working on the appeal of Hamid Hayat.
  • Randy Shaw, director of San Francisco’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic, and the author of many books. The latest is The Tenderloin: Sex, crime, and resistance in the heart of San Francisco.
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