Why do so many prisoners convert to Islam? Plus: ‘In a city of tents, every tent has a story.’ Tent City film calls for humanity in Oakland

0:08 – Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is also the fastest growing religion in US prisons. And as Muslims in the U.S. observe the holy month of Ramadan, we’ll explore basic history and beliefs of Islam and why prisoners are heavily gravitating towards the religion with Imam Abu Kadir Al-Amin, former prisoner, re-entry worker and current Imam of the San Francisco Muslim Community Center.

0:34 – If you live in the Bay Area, especially Oakland, you’ve most certainly seen a Tent City. Our next guest claims that every tent has a story and explores one such plausible story his new movie Tent City. The film touches on how a mental health crisis and a series of unfortunate events can lead even the best to become a resident of a Tent City. We speak with writer and director Adimu Madyun and lead actor in the film, Sizwe Andrew Abakah. Check the website for upcoming screenings.

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