Ralph Nader on Sanders; Ilan Pappe on Mideast Talks

Ralph NaderThe primaries are entering their final throes, so we step back from the horserace and ask the really big question: What would the Sanders campaign have to do to make a lasting impact? We’ll be joined live by Ralph Nader. Then: there’s a new round of middle east talks being planned without the participation of Israel OR Palestine – we’re joined live by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe.


  • Ralph Nader, legendary consumer advocate, author most recently of Unstoppable: the emerging left-right alliance to dismantle the corporate state, and host of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, which KPFA airs on Mondays at 11am.
  • Illan Pappe, professor at the College of Social Sciences & International Studies at the University of Exeter — where he also directs the European Centre for Palestine Studies. His most recent book is The Modern Middle East: A Social and Cultural History. He’s also speaking TONIGHT at 7:30 PM at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley.
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