The Doctrine of Discovery film, Plus: What to Expect and How to Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake in the Bay Area

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7am – The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code (2014)

This powerful and landmark documentary The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking The Domination Code is a result of the collaborative efforts by Dakota filmmaker and Director Sheldon Wolfchild and Co-Producer Steven Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape). The film, based on Newcomb’s thirty years of research, and his book Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Fulcrum, 2008), brings to the big screen an amazing and little known story: The first Christian people to locate lands inhabited by non-Christians (“infidels, heathens, and savages”) claimed the right to assert a right of domination to be in themselves. On the basis of this religiously premised argument, the U.S. Supreme Court has defined the land title of the Indian nations as a “mere right of occupancy” subject to a right of domination on the part of the United States. The first “Christian people” that claimed “ultimate dominion,” said the Supreme Court, could grant away the soil while yet it was still in the possession of the “natives, who were heathens.”

8am – What to Expect and How to Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake

Andrew Alden, science writer and founder of a weekly blog on the geology of Oakland. He previously worked as a technical editor for the US Geological Survey.

Dr. Anne Wein, a principle investigator with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in the Western Geographic Science Center, Menlo Park, California and co-editor of the HayWired Earthquake Scenario — Engineering Implications, which was released last month.

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