How Cambridge Analytica Manipulated the Electoral System, Plus: A History of Anarchism

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7:08AM  No Gods No Masters: A History of Anarchism (Icarus Films)

The Russian Revolution. The Spanish Republic. The Paris Commune. The Ukrainian revolution. The Mexican Revolution. From the late 19th century until World War II, anarchists played a key role in these events and in social movements that would shape the world we live in. No Gods No Masters delves into the history of a century of anarchist thought brings us an introduction to the multi-faceted global anarchist movement.

8:08AM – Trumping Democracy: Real Money. Fake News. Your Data.

A documentary from director Thomas Huchon details how Trump’s ascendancy into the White House was based on big money and big data, psychometrics, and fake news — timely background in the wake of the revelations about Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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