“It’s not if, it’s when” – How to Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake in the Bay Area; Plus: An Update from Puerto Rico

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7am – Deborah Berman Santana is a retired professor of geography and ethnic studies at Mills College. She recently moved back to her native Puerto Rico, and spoke to us from there on the latest since Hurricane Maria. 

**She has a list of action points and local organizations to support at her website: dbsantana.wordpress.com.

Andrew Alden, science writer and founder of a weekly blog on the geology of Oakland. He previously worked as a technical editor for the US Geological Survey.

8am – Jennifer Strauss, External Relations Officer at UC Berkeley Seismology Lab and Regional Coordinator for ShakeAlert Northern California. She is a co-author of the HayWired Earthquake Scenario.

Khalid Mosalam, Professor of Structural Engineering at UC Berkeley and Director of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center.

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