Lessons from Liberia’s ebola outbreak on how to fight coronavirus; Plus: Oakland teens on coping with shutdown, and we take your calls on coping with stress and anxiety

0:08 – Lessons from Liberia form battling ebola, to approach coronavirus: testing, good communication, and minimizing rumors

Lisa R. White was formerly the Public Information Officer for the UN Mission for the Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia (2014-2015). She joins us from Liberia in the midst of a new shelter in place lockdown. 

0:18 – Impacts on youth sheltering in place: continuing school and coping with the lockdown

Gregory is a senior at Castlemont High School. He is a youth advocate, mentor, violence prevention educator, and public speaker and member of Teens on Target.

Jackie is a Junior at Leadership Public School in Oakland, a youth commissioner on the Oakland Youth Advisory Commission, and a member of Teens on Target violence prevention program that develops youth leaders to teach workshops and do policy work around violence, about what they and their peers are seeing and experiencing with the Shelter in Place mandate.

0:34 – How to deal with stress and anxiety during COVID-19

Dr. Natalye Pearson is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the effects of traumatic stress with over 15 years experience and a private practice in the East Bay. She joins us to discuss coping with stress and anxiety, and take listener calls.

(Photo: Ebola health workers in Liberia / Morgana Winard / UNDP)

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