ICE detainees are being quarantined, fear of outbreak grows; Plus: Congressman Ted Lieu: Trump is stoking xenophobic fear in a time of panic

0:08 – The politics of drugs, development and pricing in the age of coronavirus

Peter Maybarduk (@Maybarduk) is Director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program, the were part of a coalition that successfully pressured Gilead Sciences from claiming monopoly on a possible coronavirus treatment drug.

0:20 – Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco is now under lockdown as 5 staff have tested positive for coronavirus. The 750 bed hospital is home to highly vulnerable patients, and officials are scrambling to prevent an outbreak.

Jason Fagone (@jfagone) is a reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle

0:34 – Ask the doctor: COVID-19, best practices and listener calls.

Dr Ann Liu is an infectious disease physician at Stanford Health Care.

1:08 – ICE detainees are being quarantined

Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) is a DC correspondent with the Nation Magazine. His most recent reporting is on leaked documents from the Department of Homeland Security showing immigrant detainees are in quarantine, and being monitored for coronavirus.

1:21 – KPFA News: Unhoused communities are the most vulnerable to coronavirus due to lack of access to healthcare, sanitation and hygiene services, and the ability to quarantine themselves. The shelter-in-place order has also caused challenges and disruptions to services that many unhoused people rely on. Today we wanted to look at how one organization, the East Oakland Collective, is filling the gap. KPFA’s Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) reports.

1:34 – Congress passes historic $2 trillion relief package, plus Trump stokes the crisis with racist and xenophobic rhetoric.

Congressman Ted Lieu (@RepTedLieu) represents California’s 33rd District which includes much of Los Angeles County. He recently authored an op-ed in the Washington Post titled ‘Trump is stoking xenophobic panic in a time of crisis.’

1:45 – First coronavirus obituary: Theater luminary Terrence McNally, whose Tony award-winning plays helped bring gay life into culture, and make the nation confront the AIDS epidemic. Our theater critic Richard Wolinsky produced this memorial piece. 




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