On the 18th anniversary of 2003 US invasion of Iraq, what we’ve learned about racism and neoliberalism; Plus: “One crisis after another” Santa Cruz County farmworkers facing poor crops, low wages, COVID risks and hunger

Two military officers in Iraq in October 2004 (Photo: US National Archives)

0:08 – 18th anniversary of 2003 US Iraq invasion: history, neoliberalism redevelopment, racism and more.

Yousef Baker (@YousefKB) is assistant professor of International Studies at California State University, Long Beach and co-founder of the Iraqi Narratives Project.

0:34 – “One crisis after another:” Farmworkers in Santa Cruz County are eligible for the vaccine, yet still face major difficulties with the farming season, low wages, COVID, housing and distanced learning

Dr. Ann López is founder and director of the Center for Farmworker Families in Santa Cruz County.

0:52 – Mutual aid spotlight: Oakland Great Plates Delivered Program

Ashleigh Bilodeaux (@abilodeaux) is the Director of Marketing for Off the Grid. She is part of the team spearheading Off the Grid’s involvement in the Oakland Great Plates Delivered Program, is a temporary food program that delivers fresh locally prepared meals to Oakland residents who are at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 exposure.