Coronavirus shut-down: 85% of CA schools are closed today, we take listener calls on impact; Plus: Psychiatric emergency care for youth in Contra Costa County

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: Sanders vs. Biden debate, and COVID-19 bill passed in the House, will the Senate pass it?

0:34 – COVID-19 has now closed 85 percent of California schools.

Jeff Freitas is the president of the California Federation of Teachers

Brent Stephens is the Superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and discusses the thinking behind the decision to close schools

Plus, we take listener calls: If you work in the schools, or you’re a parent or student, we’d like to hear how the school closures are impacting you. What questions do you want us to look into? Call 1.800.958.9008 to tell us what’s happening, and what you need.

0:55 – KPFA News: College campuses across the country are shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have told their students to pack up and leave. UC Berkeley’s moved classes online and given students a choice: you can stay in campus housing if you want to, or you can leave now and get refunded. UpFront interns Danielle Kaye and Bee Soll went out to talk to students about the choice. 

1:08 – Inside quarantine in New Rochelle, NY

Jake Offenhartz is a journalist in New York with Gothamist who reported last week from inside the containment zone in New Rochelle.

1:20 – KPFA Listener calls about coronavirus

1:34 – BART to pay $6.3 million to family for wrongful death of Sahleem Tindle, who was shot and killed by BART officer Joseph Mateu in 2018.

We speak with Yolanda Banks Reed, Sahleem Tindle’s mother.

1:44 – Psychiatric emergency in Contra Costa County: Youth services are scarce and violence is rising, are we reaching a breaking point?

John Geluardi is a writer and journalist covering Contra Costa Costa County. His latest investigation in the East Bay Express examines a crisis in psychiatric services for children and youth in Contra Costa County. 

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