Inside Italy’s lock down with journalist Silvia Sciorilli Borelli; Plus: OUSD has voted to cut $20 million more in 2020, but why?

0:08 – Italy under lock down, while coronavirus infections jump 30 percent today

Silvia Sciorilli Borelli (@silvia_sb_) is an Italy correspondent for POLITICO Europe, and currently living under coronavirus lockdown. Her latest piece is My Life in Italian isolation. 

0:34 – Author Interview: David K Randall is a senior reporter at Reuters. His latest book is Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague.

1:08 – Oakland Unified School District Board members voted to cut $20 million MORE in 2020

Mike Hutchinson is with the Oakland Public Education Network, which opposed the budget cuts. 

Jackie Byers is the founding Executive Director of the Black Organizing Project (@BlackOrgProject), which has been campaigning to eliminate school police from Oakland schools. 

1:18 – Roseann Torres represents District 5 on the Oakland Unified School Board.

1:34 – A new bill in the California legislature to address racial discrimination within the criminal justice system.

Assemblymember Ash Kalra (@Ash_Kalra) represents California’s 27th Assembly District, which includes parts of San Jose. On Wednesday, he introduced the California Racial Justice Act, AB 2200, which would prohibit racial discrimination in convictions and sentences.

1:46 – KPFA News: Subscribers to KPFA and other Pacifica radio stations should already have received their ballots for the ongoing election that will decide the way the largest progressive radio network in the country is run. Up for vote are proposed new rules that would fundamentally change the foundation’s governance, cutting the size of Pacifica’s national board in half and changing the way its members are selected. Critics of the proposed bylaws fear that they would gut the democratic process at the heart of the organization, while supporters argue that the current system of governance is incapable of dealing with the urgent financial and systemic problems the Pacifica Foundation faces. Scott Baba reports.


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