Terry Tempest Williams

Photo: Cheryl HimmelsteinTerry Tempest Williams joins us to discuss her life, her work, her new book, and, for the first time, the University of Utah’s controversial move to fire her from the writing program she created, after she started bringing students to environmental protests. But first: While we were electioning, there was some big news on the climate change front: California tried to auction off a round of pollution permits under its cap-and-trade system — and almost none of them sold. Critics are calling it a market crash, a bubble popping — we’ll discuss what happened, and what it means.


  • Alex Jackson, Legal Director of the California Climate Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Michael Wara, climate scientist and Stanford Law professor, whose focuses include climate policy. He’s written work critical of carbon markets, and argued for a carbon tax as an alternative
  • Terry Tempest Williams, activist and author of 15 books books, the latest of which is The Hour Of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks. Her Bay Area book events are listed here



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