Oakland Policing, Rafia Zakaria on Trump and Islam, and the J20 Resistors’ Trial

On today’s episode Mitch Jeserich and Cat Brooks discuss yesterday’s “Coffee with a Cop” event in Oakland including OPD’s efforts to counter protests at the event that were never planned. They then talk with the “Defund OPD” and “Refund Oakland” coalitions, who are trying to push Oakland City Council to pass a more progressive budget for the next two years.

Source: Dawn

They also talk with Rafia Zakaria, a columnist at the Pakistani magazine Dawn. Zakaria discusses Trump’s simultaneous criticism of Muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan and decision to give hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Finally, Cat Brooks talks with local activist Windsong about next Monday’s court case against the J20 Resistors, a group of 11 protesters who shut down Caltrain’s intersection in San Francisco during Inauguration Day. Windsong was one of those arrested.

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