Sudan military crackdown leaves over 100 dead; Plus: 242 people have been shot and killed by Bay Area law enforcement since 2009

0:08 – Sudan’s military authorities crackdown on protesters, estimated over 100 people dead

Jalelah Sophia (@JalelahAhmed) is communications director with Sudanese Americans for Non-Violent Demonstrations.

Zachariah Mampilly (@Ras_Karya) is a professor of political science and international studies at Vassar College, and the authormost recently of Africa Uprising: Popular Protest and Political Change.

0:34 – Trump eliminates Cuba travel visa, Americans to go anyway

Walter Turner is the host of KPFA’s Africa Today, Mondays at 7pm PST, and president of Global Exchange, which leads cultural exchange trips to Cuba. He says their delegations will continue – as they always have – despite the new policy and threats from the Trump Administration.

0:45 – Oakland City budget is up for a vote in June. Mayor Libby Shaff has introduced her budget, and Council President has introduced a much more progressive budget proposal – to be negotiated. Rebecca Kaplan (@Kaplan4Oakland) Oakland City Council President, joins us to discuss. 

1:08 – Youtube announces new round of takedowns for content inciting discrimination or (white) supremacy

April Glaser (@aprilaser) writes about tech for Slate; she’s also one half of their tech podcast, If/Then.

1:34 – Since 2009, 242 people have been shot and killed by law enforcement in the Bay Area

Scott Morris (@OakMorr) is an independent journalist in Oakland, covering policing, protest, civil rights, and neighborhood news. His latest piece is titled: “Since Oscar Grant, 242 people shot and killed by police in Bay Area”

0:53 – KPFA’s Richard Wolinsky reviews The Good Book, running at Berkeley Rep through Sunday June 9.

Photo: Scott Morris – Black Lives Matter wheatpasting in downtown Oakland on April 4, 2016.

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