The World’s First Vaccine, and the People Who Fought Against it

poxCalifornia’s legislature has just sent Governor Brown a bill that would make it harder to opt out of mandatory vaccinations–over howls of protest from from libertarians and vaccine skeptics. We deliver a deep history of the very first vaccine, and the very first anti-vaccination movement – a movement that included lawsuits, riots, gun battles, and arson.

But first: Berkeley’s City Council takes up proposed laws that would make it harder for people to panhandle, lie down, or rest their possessions on city streets. We’ll have a debate.


  • Linda Maio, Berkeley City Council Member representing District 1
  • Bob Offer-Westort, activist with Sidewalks Are For Everyone (SAFE)
  • Michael Willrich, professor of History at Brandeis University; author of two books about how this country transformed during the Progressive era, including Pox: An American history


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