How Newsom’s budget will impact tenants; New study shows racial housing discrimination increased nationwide

Photo: Fair housing protest in Seattle, Washington, 1964. Confronting racial discrimination in housing sales at a realtor’s office. Seattle Municipal Archives, licensed under CC 2.0

On today’s show:

0:08 – Shanti Singh, communications coordinator for the statewide renters’ rights organization Tenants Together joins us to discuss how Governor Newsom’s budget will impact tenants.

0:34 – We talk with Stephen Menendian (@SMenendian), Assistant Director and Director of Research at the Othering & Belonging Institute about a new study from UC Berkeley which shows racial housing segregation has vastly increased in most parts of the United States. To

1:08 – The Biden administration announced last week it would now allow asylum-seekers who are stuck at the Mexican border and held there under the Trump Administration’s “Remain-in-Mexico” program, to enter the U.S. and restart their asylum proceedings. For more on what this means for people seeking asylum in this country, and the asylum cases of LGBTQ migrants in particular, we speak to Edwin Carmona-Cruz (@edwin_carey), Community Engagement Director with the California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice.

1:26 – Large Palestinian crowds in the West Bank mourned the death of a 49-year-old Palestinian critic of the Palestinian Authority. Nezar Banat died hours after Palestinian security forces stormed his home in the city of Hebron, beat and arrested him. Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza.

1:34 – Scott Myers Lipton, (@smlipton) Professor of Sociology at San José State University joins us to discuss a new report released by The Human Rights Institute at San Jose State University on racial and economic inequality in Silicon Valley and how tech’s richest executives accumulated more wealth this year.