Thomas Peele on How Police Lose Guns; Chris Jennings on Utopianism in America

GunInvestigative Journalist Thomas Peele tried to put together a list of the guns that local law enforcement lost over five years, and the numbers are staggering: 944 weapons that the agencies who responded know about. We’ll discuss how a machine gun from the Richmond Police wound up in the possession of the Aryan Brotherhood, three killings that involved missing police guns, and why even Department of Motor Vehicles inspectors are armed. Plus: Chris Jennings joins us for a romp through the history of all the brave people in American history who tried to build the world they wanted to live in – by starting their own utopias.


  • Thomas Peele, investigative journalist with the Bay Area News Group, author of a new report on guns gone missing from local police departments, and a database of who lost what.
  • Chris Jennings BookChris Jennings, author of Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianim


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