Colombia’s election; California’s new budget; And, the Supreme Court on abortion access and gun rights

Last week’s Colombia’s elections led a leftist to the presidential seat for the first time | Wikimedia

0:08 – Debriefing the watershed election from Colombia last week, which brought for the first time, a left wing government, we explore what it means to take office in a country that is mired in political corruption investigations beset by inflation. We’re joined by co-authors of a recent piece from Jacobin magazine: Mikael Wolfe (@Mikaeloup) is associate professor of history at Stanford University, and Christian Robles-Baez is a PhD candidate also at Stanford.

0:34 – The new fiscal year starts for California this Friday. Sunday night brought an announcement that the legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom agreed on a budget deal. We start by exploring what’s included in the budget with Alexei Kossef (@akoseff), who reports on the state capital for the nonprofit newsroom CalMatters.

0:42 – We continue on the California budget, this time exploring what’s not included in the budget, with Michael Herald (@michaelherald1), director of policy advocacy at the Western Center on Law and Poverty.

0:50 – Closing out our California budget segment, we explore a nearly 50-year old restriction imposed by voters called The Gann Limit, which caps overall spending but also has many exceptions. We explore the restrictions with Chris Hoene (@chriswhoene), executive director of the California Budget and Policy Center.

1:08 – Last week, the US Supreme Court made a move against gun regulations, striking down a New York state law which restricted people carrying guns outside their homes without a proven need for them. What this leaves a big question over, is gun regulations in blue states like California. We’re joined by Ben Christopher (@FromBenC), who covers politics and elections for CalMatters, to discuss.

1:20 – A new California State Senate Bill, SB505, would require owners of guns to purchase liability insurance that would cover how guns would get used. We’re joined by that bill’s sponsor, State Senator Nancy Skinner (@NancySkinnerCA), who represents District 9, in the East Bay.

1:33 – Continuing our conversation with State Senator Nancy Skinner (@NancySkinnerCA), we discuss how California’s legislature is addressing abortion access, including enshrining the right to access in the state constitution.

1:42 – Abortion access in California isn’t currently threatened, but the impact on clinics and providers will increase heavily from abortion seekers coming from out of state. We speak with Debbie Bamberger (@debbiebamberger) who is an abortion provider with Planned Parenthood in Oakland, who was the first Nurse Practitioner in to be trained for aspiration abortions in California, and has worked in the field of abortion care for 35 years.