US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: Plus: Republicans defeat immigration bill in the House

7:08 – Breaking news: Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement

John Nichols is a national affairs correspondent with The Nation Magazine. Camille Pannu teaches law at the UC Davis School of Law where she also directs the Water Justice Clinic.

7:34 – Update on the children separated and detained at the border with Denise Bell is a researcher for refugee and migrant rights at Amnesty International USA. 

7:45 Steve Rapport is an organizer with Move-on.org and Indivisible SF, organizing the Families Belong Together March and Rally in San Francisco on Saturday June 30 at 10am.

8:08 US Rep Jeff Denham represents California’s 10th District. We discuss the defeat of the latest Republican immigration bill, soundly voted down in the House of Representatives with only 112 votes. 

8:20 – Adam Winkler is a professor of constitutional law at UCLA School of Law. His latest book is We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights


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