John Nichols on Democratic Platform Battle; Jonathon Keats on Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster FullerBernie Sanders ran on his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Hillary Clinton came out against it during the campaign. So why did the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee kill a plank opposing it? We talk to John Nichols about the the politics of platforms, and the likelihood of floor fights at the Democratic National Convention. Plus: a look at the work of a designer and inventor who rose to celebrity status in the 20th-Century, a person who wanted to re-think everything from our homes to our transportation to our cities to the distribution of natural resources: Buckminster Fuller.


  • John Nichols, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, co-author with Robert McChesney of People Get Ready: the fight against a jobless economy and a citizenless democracy
  • Jonathan Keats, conceptual artist, experimental philosopher, and author of You Belong to the Universe: Buckminster Fuller and the Future


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