Dr. Steven Thrasher on Black LGBTQ-led uprisings against police brutality, from Stonewall to today. Plus: March planned in Deep East Oakland against police violence

Protester holds sign at vigil for Tony McDade in Oakland, CA on June 5, 2020

On this show:

0:08 – Chaney Turner is a community organizer and entrepreneur from Oakland, organizing a march Saturday in Deep East Oakland calling for police reform and an end to state-sanctioned violence. 

0:18 – Now is the time to talk about anti-Blackness in communities of color — Navina Khanna joins us to discuss. She is the director of the HEAL Food Alliance and is an organizer with Asians for Black Lives in the Bay Area.

0:34 – Pride events across the U.S. have been canceled this year due to Covid-19, but queer people are taking to the streets demanding Black liberation and an end to policing. How does this compare to the white-led, corporate-sponsored Pride parties customarily held in big cities with collaboration from police? And how do white LGBTQ+ people need to show up for Black lives during this Pride month? We talk about the origins of Pride, from the Stonewall uprising and the Compton Cafeteria riot to the Combahee River Collective, and the need for Black liberation with Dr. Steven W. Thrasher (@thrasherxy), the inaugural Daniel H. Renberg chair at Northwestern University. He is also a faculty member of the Institute of Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing at Northwestern.

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