Do we know the size of US involvement in Syria? An investigation by journalist Shane Bauer looks into that; Plus: Google pledges $1 billion in housing development is that good news?

0:08 Ben Storrow (@bstorrow) Energy Reporter for ClimateWire (@EENewsUpdates) joins to discuss the Trump Administration rolling back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

0:34 We discuss the recent investigation by Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer (@shane_bauer) into the United States involvement in Syria. His investigation is titled “Behind the Lines

1:08 Following attacks in the Strait of Hormuz and the escalation between Iran and the US, what is going on inside Iran? Also, it’s been 10 years since the “Green Movement” how has the US sanctions impacted people and the future of protest in Iran? We break it down with Dr. Kaveh Ehsani, Assistant Professor of International Studies at DePaul university.

1:34 Google Proposes $1bn in housing development to ease Bay Area’s housing crisis, but what does that really mean? Jeffrey Buchanan (@JRBinSV) answers. He is the Director of Policy at Silicon Valley Rising (@SVRising)

1:46  The 43rd edition of the LGBTQ+ International Film Festival “Frameline” kicks off tonight in San Francisco! We speak with the festival director, Frances Wallace.

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